Stayrai: The Smartest Solutions for Sustainable Home Aquatics

Imagine, Automate, Monitor, and Sustain

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Why do you need Stayrai?

Hate water changes?

Let Stayrai automatically change it for you whenever you want!

Worried about your fish tank while traveling?

Enjoy your time out of town while Stayrai manages your aquarium and lets you check on its status whenever and wherever you are.

Lost your pets to diseases or missed maintenance?

Stayrai uses AI to diagnose issues with your setup and warns you in time.

Providing the perfect environment for your pets is a hassle?

Stayrai constantly keeps your tank's temperature, chemistry, lights, and water levels in a perfect condition for your pets.

Stayrai is here for you!

  • Super slick design
  • Best hardware in the market
  • State-of-the-art AI and image processing technologies
  • Comes in three variations that fit your needs
  • User-friendly app for Android and iOS devices

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Einhorn & Boese


Automated Water Change
App Support & Notifications
WiFi Hotspot & Repeater
Automatic Top-Off (ATO)
Temperature Sensors 2 2 4 or More
Smart Power Plugs 2 2 10 or More
Smart Water Pumps 2 2 8 or More
Dosing Pumps 2 8 or More
AI Support Basic Intermediate Advanced
Cloud Access
pH Monitoring
Redox Monitoring
Photosynthetic radiation
Starting price





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