About Us

The mission of StayrAi is to redefine the aquarium experience, enabling automatic water changes, real-time disease diagnosis, and ensuring that your aquatic pets thrive in their ideal environment.

Our brand

The name "StayrAI" finds its inspiration in the majestic stingrays, creatures notoriously difficult to maintain in aquariums. Derived from the word "stingray," StayrAI embodies our commitment to overcoming challenges. With our innovative device, even these elusive creatures can thrive in captivity. StayrAI represents not just a product, but a dedication to transforming the aquarium hobby, ensuring that even the most delicate fishes can flourish under the care of aquarium enthusiasts worldwide.

Our timeline

We're excited to unveil StayrAI's evolution. From early, larger prototypes, we've honed its design and capabilities for wider adoption.

August 2023

We got successfully funded on Kickstarter! Thanks to our backers' support, we continue our mission to revolutionize automated aquarium care and make StayrAI a must-have for aquarium lovers worldwide.

January 2023

Over four years, we refined StayrAl's hardware and software, developed Lite, and improved our cloud capabilities. Finally, mass production is possible again, and StayrAl is better than ever!

April 2020

Prototypes of StayrAl units were created for mass production testing. However, mass production was halted due to a global shortage of semiconductor chips, caused by COVID-19.

March 2020

Our first StayrAl board (prototype) was manufactured with plenty of enhancements and iterations. The revised boards controlled our personal aquariums flawlessly.

September 2019

Extensively testing our first unit, we made it work like a charm. Thrilled to share this innovation, we decided to build the first prototype for the masses.

February 2019

We built our first-ever unit and witnessed our aquariums thriving because of this device. Automated keeping was a game changer!

Our team

Dr. Mason Ahmadvand
Founder | Ph.D.

With 15 years as a Senior Software Engineer and expertise in Cloud Architecture, IoT, and AI, He holds a Ph.D. from the Technical University of Munich. As a passionate electrician hobbyist and lifelong aquarium enthusiast, he blended his skills and passions to create StayrAI.

Dr. Achim Burtscheidt
Hardware Engineer | Ph.D.

Achim, with a Ph.D. in Mathematics and a decade of experience as a PCB designer, leads the hardware design at StayrAI. His expertise in the field has been instrumental in shaping the technological direction of the company.

Ewa Caroline Orman
Marketing & Community Manager | M.Sc.

Ewa, with a M.Sc. in Media Communication, coordinates StayrAI's marketing and community management. With a passion for digital communication and innovation, she ensures that our products reach their target audience.